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The Grocery Store- Every bit as important to your health as the gym. (Maybe more)

Some tips, one resource recommendation, and a homework assignment.

Here are a few things you can use to optimize your trips to the supermarket and to support you in your efforts toward better health. The diagram appearing at the top of this missive was provided by my friend (and Twitter powerhouse) @jerryteixeira. It simply and eloquently offers a visual representation of the safe zones and the danger zones inherent in the design of the modern grocery. For the most part the whole foods in typical stores are found along a grocery’s perimeter, outside of some complex carbohydrates. The interior aisles contain the vast majority of the preprocessed foods that sabotage your health and your improvement goals. They house all of the ‘emotional’ foods that can derail your progress. Sugar, candies, cakes, cookies, ice cream, pre-made boxed foods, salty snacks, sodas, etc. So spend the majority of your grocery money on the perimeter of the store and reap the rewards inherent in eating healthy whole foods. Yes, it can really be just that simple! A Few Tips: - Don’t grocery shop without a list (and stick to it) - Don’t grocery shop hungry - Shop intentionally and intelligently - Trigger foods that are avoided are trigger foods that don’t end up in your belly. Remember- If it’s not in your house, it doesn’t end up in your mouth.

A Resource Recommendation:

For those of you looking for an easy to understand, well researched, and wonderfully illustrated roadmap toward improving your daily diet and your metabolic health, I very highly recommend... The P:E Diet by Ted Naiman, M.D. (@tednaiman) Available everywhere books are sold (hard copy & digital). Disclaimer- I, in no way, benefit in any way from my endorsement. Hell, Ted doesn’t even follow me!

A Homework Assignment:

When you next go to the grocery, actively observe the following things- - Compare the physical condition of those around you and the contents of their shopping cart and see if you can recognize a correlation. - Notice how few people seem able to navigate the store without leaning on their cart like a walker. What you observe will surprise you. Until next time, be healthy my friends, Chris