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Recovery: The most under-appreciated component of strength & muscle-building training

If your primary source of weight training information is from social media (like Twitter) you’re most likely missing out on one very vital aspect that is limiting your gains.


Because your favorite ‘gurus’ generally ignore the subject.

For every post about the importance of incorporating intentional recovery principles into your training program you will see 10x that amount of pushing yourself to the limit.

Consider this-

You don’t get stronger when you train, you get stronger when you recover.

Strength gains and muscle growth only occur in the period following challenging training.

Those efforts result in muscle cell breakdown. Those cells are repaired and then adapt to the increased demand only during recovery periods.

If you are over 35 proper recovery takes on added significance.

Long gone are the days of lifting all day, partying all night, eating like a college student, getting too little sleep, and being ready to do it all again the next day.

Incorporating the following suggestions into your weekly routine will have you, once again, feeling like a rock star.

They will allow your body to repair, recover, and adapt from the stress you imposed on it.

Training Frequency:

1. Allow 72 hours of recovery between challenging sessions before working the same muscle group again. (ie: If Monday is your leg day, don’t do legs again until Thursday)

2. Don’t perform more than 3 consecutive training days without a day off. Your Central Nervous System will thank you.

Utilize Active Methods to supplement and maximize your recovery:

1. Walk or bike at a comfortable pace for 30 minutes, every day if possible.

2. Do light yoga or resistance band stretching, especially for the chest and shoulders.

Non-training Recovery Aids:

1. Take in adequate protein. Following muscle breakdown your body is primed for protein synthesis to do its magic.

2. Eat clean whole foods, not inferior processed foods. Garbage in, garbage out.

3. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of good old H2o. It does the body good.

4. Sleep, sleep, and more sleep. Protect your sleep like you protect your money. It’s that valuable.

Take your recovery as seriously as your training and you will be rewarded with increased strength, increased muscle hypertrophy, and increased vitality.

Build intentional & intelligent recovery principles into your weekly schedule and watch your progress blossom.

More is not better when it comes to strength & muscle building…More is just more.

Until next week,